Top 5 longest rivers in the world

Here are the top 5 longest rivers in the world, ordered by their total length. Note that the length of a river can be difficult to measure, as it may have multiple branches, tributaries, and changing water levels throughout the year. Therefore, the length of these rivers is approximate.

  1. Nile River: 6,650 km
  2. Amazon River: 6,400 km
  3. Yangtze River: 6,300 km
  4. Mississippi-Missouri River System: 6,275 km
  5. Yenisei River: 5,539 km
  1. The Nile River is a major north-flowing river in northeastern Africa, generally regarded as the longest river in the world, with a total length of approximately 6,650 kilometers. It is formed by the confluence of three main tributaries: the White Nile, the Blue Nile, and the Atbara River. The White Nile is the longer of the two main branches, and originates in Lake Victoria in Uganda, while the Blue Nile originates in Ethiopia and is the main source of water and sediment for the Nile. The Nile flows through several countries, including Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, and Uganda, and has been a crucial source of life and civilization for thousands of years.
  2. The Amazon River is the second-longest river in the world, with a total length of approximately 6,400 kilometers. It is located in South America, flowing through Brazil, Peru, Colombia, and several other countries. The Amazon River basin is the largest in the world, covering an area of approximately 7 million square kilometers. The river itself is fed by over 1,000 tributaries, with the largest being the Madeira, Purus, and Negro rivers. The Amazon carries more water than any other river, accounting for roughly one-fifth of the world’s total river flow, and is responsible for up to 20% of the world’s total freshwater discharge into the ocean.
  3. The Yangtze River, also known as the Chang Jiang, is the longest river in Asia and the third-longest river in the world, with a total length of approximately 6,300 kilometers. It flows through China, from its source in the Tibetan Plateau to its mouth at the East China Sea. The Yangtze River is also an important cultural symbol in China, with a rich history and mythology dating back thousands of years.
  4. The Mississippi-Missouri River System is a vast river system located in the central United States, with a total length of approximately 6,275 kilometers, making it the fourth-longest river system in the world. The Missouri River is the longest tributary of the Mississippi River, and the two rivers combine in the state of Missouri before flowing southward to the Gulf of Mexico. The Mississippi River is also an important cultural symbol in the United States, with a rich history and folklore associated with it, including the famous Mississippi Delta blues music.
  5. The Yenisei River is a major river in Siberia, Russia, with a total length of approximately 5,539 kilometers. It is the fifth-longest river in the world and the largest river system flowing to the Arctic Ocean. The Yenisei River flows through several regions of Russia, including Tuva, Khakassia, and Krasnoyarsk Krai, and is fed by numerous tributaries, including the Angara, Tuba, and Kan rivers.

Other longest rivers are Yellow River (Huang He) 5464 km, Ob River 5410 km, Parana River 4880 km, Congo River 4700 km, Amur River 4444 km.

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