Google’s March 2024 Update: 5 Key Points to Know

The recent core update from Google in March 2024 has really shaken up the world of SEO. It’s got marketers and website owners all in a tizzy trying to figure out how it’s going to affect them. If you’re one of the ones feeling the effects, here are five key things you should know to help you steer through this major change

1. Deindexing Websites: A Wake-Up Call

Imagine waking up one day, grabbing your morning coffee, and excitedly typing your website’s name into Google, only to find… nothing. That was the rude awakening for countless website owners post-March 2024 update.

Google’s mission? To clean house by getting rid of all the useless, irrelevant, and downright unoriginal content cluttering up its search results. They’re on a rampage, slashing away at up to 40% of those low-quality websites that offer zilch in terms of value and leave users feeling frustrated.

If you’ve been caught red-handed breaking Google’s rules or trying to game the system with shady SEO tactics, don’t be surprised if your site vanishes without a trace. The SEO scene got flipped upside down in the blink of an eye, and the fallout was nothing short of swift and brutal.

Google's March 2024 Update

2. Swift Penalties

This update wasn’t gentle at all. It came down hard and fast, catching site owners off guard and leaving them desperately searching for explanations. To see if your site took a hit, try searching for it on Google using the query “” If it’s nowhere to be found in the results, chances are you’ve been impacted.

Here’s the kicker: Google doesn’t bother sending out notifications to site owners about ranking drops caused by algorithm updates. It’s a silent shuffle in the background that demands constant vigilance to keep track of.

3. Older Websites Aren’t Immune

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking your older website is immune to changes. Even sites that sailed through previous algorithm updates unscathed are feeling the heat now.

While some folks are applauding this as long-overdue karma for those low-quality sites that managed to cheat the system for ages, others are left scratching their heads, baffled as to why their entire online presence suddenly disappeared. Get ready for it—no one is safe from the shake-up.

4. Focus on User Experience (UX)

Google is doubling down on making sure users have the best experience possible with this latest update. Websites that put users first, with easy-to-use designs, quick loading times, mobile-friendly layouts, and easy navigation, are likely to see a boost in their search rankings.

On the flip side, websites that don’t measure up in terms of user experience might find themselves slipping down the search results page.

This highlights just how crucial it is to invest in improving the user experience of your website if you want to stay ahead in the online world.

Google's March 2024 Update

5. E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness) Signals Matter More Than Ever:

Google continues to be vigilant in its ongoing battle against spammy and manipulative tactics designed to manipulate search results. The March 2024 update brings further enhancements to Google’s algorithms, enabling them to better detect and penalize such tactics, which include keyword stuffing, cloaking, and link schemes.

Consequently, websites found engaging in these deceptive practices face the risk of being demoted or completely removed from Google’s index. Therefore, it’s crucial for webmasters to strictly adhere to Google’s quality guidelines and prioritize providing authentic value to users.


Hold on tight! Google’s March 2024 core update is shaking things up. To stay on top, make sure you stay informed, adjust your strategies, and continue delivering top-notch content to keep your place in search results.

Disclaimer: The information provided is based on available data as of March 2024. Always stay updated with the latest developments in the SEO landscape.

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