5 Things to Know About Google Wallet in India

Google Wallet’s arrival in India has been met with curiosity, but also some confusion. Since Google Pay is already so widely used, what exactly does Wallet offer? Let’s break down the key things to know about Google Wallet in India:

1. Limited But Specific Functionality

Google Pay is an app where you can do a lot of things, like UPI payments, paying bills, and even sending money in some places. But Google Wallet in India is more focused—it’s mainly for contactless payments. You can save your credit and debit cards in the app and use them to make tap-and-pay payments at stores with NFC terminals.

However, some features that you might find in Google Wallet in other countries, like saving loyalty cards and event tickets, aren’t available in India yet.

2. Coexisting with Google Pay

Here’s where it gets interesting. In many countries, Google Wallet serves as a digital wallet that holds credit cards, boarding passes, and more. It acts as a one-stop app for storing a variety of things.

But in India, Google has chosen a different path. They kept Google Pay as the go-to app for UPI transactions, the main way people pay in India, and created a separate app, Google Wallet. So, instead of combining everything into one app, they’ve split the functionalities.

This could suggest that Google plans to add more features to Wallet in the future. This might include the ability to store travel documents, loyalty cards, and other things that aren’t part of Google Pay right now. It seems like Google has a bigger plan for Wallet, but it’s still in the early stages in India.

Google Wallet Coexisting with Google Pay

3. A Hint at the Future of Payments?

Google Wallet’s limited launch in India hints that it might have a bigger role in the future. It could turn into a go-to app for all your digital needs.

Imagine being able to store your credit cards, driver’s license, movie tickets, and even boarding passes—all in one safe and handy app. It would make managing your digital items much easier.

This new version of Google Wallet could work alongside Google Pay, which is already popular for UPI payments in India. Together, they could create a full digital wallet system that covers a lot more than just payments.

4. Not Quite Ready for Prime Time (Yet)

Right now, you can’t download Google Wallet from the Play Store in India. It’s not officially available for download.

If you look online, you might find ways to install the app from other places, but this can be risky. Installing apps from sources other than the Play Store, called sideloading, could lead to malware or other security issues.

The safest option is to wait until Google officially releases the app in India. This way, you know you’re getting a secure and trusted version without risking your phone’s safety.

5. Keeping an Eye on the Future

Google Wallet’s features in India will probably grow over time. Keep an eye out for news about its official launch, new features, and how it might connect with Google Pay.

For now, Google Pay is the main app for UPI payments in India. It’s the go-to app for sending money, paying bills, and more.

But Google Wallet gives us a hint of what’s coming a more complete digital wallet experience that could include things like credit cards, tickets, and more. Stay tuned to see how it all develops.


Don’t forget, Google Pay is still the main app for UPI payments in India. Google Wallet, on the other hand, gives us a peek into what a more feature-packed digital wallet could look like. I hope this helps you understand where things stand and gets you excited about what’s coming next!

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