Top 5 Rice producing countries in the world

Rice producing countries in the world are all located in Asia, with the exception of Brazil. This is because rice is a tropical crop that requires a warm, wet climate. Asia has a large area of land that meets these conditions, which is why it is the world’s leading producer of rice.

Here are the top 5 rice-producing countries in the world:

  1. China
  2. India
  3. Indonesia
  4. Bangladesh
  5. Vietnam

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  1. China: China is the largest rice-producing country in the world, with an estimated production of around 211.86 million metric tons in 2023. Rice is a staple food in China, and it is grown extensively across various regions of the country.
  2. India: India is the second-largest producer of rice globally. In 2023, it produced approximately 178.31 million metric tons of rice. Rice is a major crop in India, with diverse varieties cultivated across different states.
  3. Indonesia: Indonesia is a significant rice-producing country in Southeast Asia. It produced about 54.65 million metric tons of rice in 2023. Rice plays a vital role in Indonesian cuisine and is a staple food for the population.
  4. Bangladesh: Bangladesh is known for its high rice production and ranks among the top rice-producing countries. In 2023, Bangladesh produced approximately 54.91 million metric tons of rice. Rice cultivation is a crucial agricultural activity in the country.
  5. Vietnam: Vietnam is a major player in global rice production. It produced around 27.22 million metric tons of rice in 2023. Rice farming is an integral part of Vietnamese agriculture, and the country exports a significant amount of rice to various international markets.
Rice Cultivation in India
Rice planting machine

Other rice-producing countries are:

  • Thailand – 20.10 million metric tons
  • Myanmar – 12.50 million metric tons
  • Philippines – 12.41 million metric tons
  • Japan – 7.45 million metric tons
  • Brazil – 7.23 million metric tons

These countries contribute significantly to the global rice supply, ensuring food security and meeting the dietary needs of millions of people around the world. Please note that the production figures mentioned are approximate and may vary based on different sources and years.

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