Top 5 curses that reasons to led Ravana’s death

Curses highlight the consequences of Ravana’s actions and his ultimate demise as a result of his arrogance, disrespect towards divine beings, and mistreatment of virtuous individuals. They serve as important elements in the Ramayana, emphasizing the significance of righteousness and the law of karma.

Here are five notable curses associated with Ravana’s death:

  1. Curse of Nandi: Ravana was cursed by Nandi, the divine bull and the vehicle of Lord Shiva. It is said that Ravana misbehaved with Nandi, which angered him. As a result, Nandi cursed Ravana that monkeys, whom he despised, would become the cause of his destruction.
  2. Curse of Vedavati: Ravana encountered Vedavati, a virtuous woman who was meditating to seek Lord Vishnu as her husband. When Ravana made inappropriate advances towards her, she rejected him and self-immolated. Before her death, Vedavati cursed Ravana that he would be destroyed by Lord Vishnu in a future birth.
  3. Curse of Lord Ganesha: During Ravana’s attempt to abduct Sita, he faced resistance from Lord Hanuman. In frustration, Ravana threw his celestial weapon, the Brahmastra, at Hanuman. Hanuman, being an incarnation of Lord Shiva’s avatar, easily caught and neutralized the weapon. This act infuriated Ravana, who then tried to attack Lord Hanuman physically. However, Lord Ganesha intervened and cursed Ravana that his strength and invincibility would diminish in battle.
  4. Curse of Mandodari: Mandodari, Ravana’s wife, warned him about the consequences of his actions and pleaded with him to release Sita. When Ravana ignored her advice, Mandodari cursed him, predicting his death at the hands of a mortal being.
  5. Curse of Lord Rama: Ultimately, it was Lord Rama who played a pivotal role in Ravana’s defeat. When Lord Rama and his army fought against Ravana, Rama shot a powerful arrow that pierced through Ravana’s heart. Before dying, Ravana requested Lord Rama to bless him with his divine touch. In response, Lord Rama touched Ravana’s forehead with his hand, which removed all the curses that Ravana had accumulated over his lifetime. This act ensured that Ravana’s soul attained liberation.

Other curses associated with Ravana’s death:

  • Curse of Rishi Pulastya: Rishi Pulastya cursed Ravana when he forcefully entered the rishi’s hermitage. The curse foretold that Ravana would be killed by a human.
  • Curse of Mandodari: Ravana’s wife, Mandodari, cursed him after he forced her to participate in a disastrous event. She predicted that a woman of unparalleled beauty would be the cause of his downfall.
  • Curse of Lord Brahma: Lord Brahma cursed Ravana that monkeys, which were previously peaceful creatures, would become his enemies.
  • Curse of Jatayu: Jatayu, the noble bird who fought valiantly against Ravana while trying to rescue Sita, cursed Ravana with his dying breath that he would meet his end soon.
  • Curse of Sita: Sita, who was held captive by Ravana, cursed him for his wrongful actions and predicted his imminent death.
  • Curse of Ahalya: Ravana, in an act of disrespect, touched Ahalya, the wife of Sage Gautama. In response, Ahalya cursed Ravana that he would face severe consequences for his actions.
  • Cursed by Shukra: Ravana received a curse from the sage Shukra, the guru of demons, when he mistreated his daughter. The curse weakened Ravana’s prowess in battle.
  • Cursed by Anjana: Anjana, the mother of Lord Hanuman, cursed Ravana that a monkey would be his cause of death.
  • Cursed by Kala Bhairava: Ravana faced a curse from Kala Bhairava, an incarnation of Lord Shiva, that he would meet his end due to his arrogance.
  • Cursed by Rambha: Ravana was cursed by Rambha, a celestial nymph, when he kidnapped and mistreated her. The curse resulted in him losing his strength and attractiveness.
  • Cursed by Kubera: Ravana faced a curse from Kubera, the god of wealth, when he tried to steal Kubera’s wealth. The curse caused him to lose his prosperity.
  • Cursed by Parvati: Parvati, the wife of Lord Shiva, cursed Ravana that she would be born on Earth to cause his destruction.
  • Cursed by Sanjeevani Mountain: Ravana faced a curse from the Sanjeevani Mountain when he uprooted it and threw it away. The curse weakened his strength and vitality.
  • Cursed by Saraswati: Saraswati, the goddess of knowledge, cursed Ravana that his knowledge and wisdom would fail him at crucial times.

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