Top 5 longest sixes hit by MS Dhoni in IPL

MS Dhoni, known for his power-hitting and ability to clear the boundaries, has struck numerous memorable sixes in the Indian Premier League (IPL). While it’s challenging to select the definitive “top 5” sixes, here are some notable ones:

  1. 115m off Pragyan Ojha, Deccan Chargers, 2009
  2. 111m off Praveen Kumar, Delhi Daredevils, 2012
  3. 111m off Ashok Dinda, Kolkata Knight Riders, 2013
  4. 110m off Irfan Pathan, Royal Challengers Bangalore, 2012
  5. 108m off Amit Mishra, Delhi Daredevils, 2013

1. 115m off Pragyan Ojha

One of MS Dhoni’s most memorable sixes in the IPL was against the Deccan Chargers in the 2009 season. Dhoni showcased his immense power and ability to hit long sixes by launching a massive shot off Pragyan Ojha that traveled a distance of approximately 115 meters.

In that match, Dhoni, playing for the Chennai Super Kings (CSK), displayed his brute strength as he hammered Ojha’s delivery high into the stands. The ball sailed over the boundary ropes and landed far into the crowd, leaving everyone in awe of the sheer distance it covered.

2. 111m off Praveen Kumar

During a match against the Delhi Daredevils, Dhoni unleashed a monstrous six off Praveen Kumar that soared to an estimated distance of 111 meters. The ball was struck with tremendous power and cleared the boundary by a significant margin, leaving spectators in awe of Dhoni’s power-hitting ability.

3. 111m off Ashok Dinda

During the match, Dhoni faced a delivery from Ashok Dinda and launched it into the sky. The ball sailed over the boundary ropes and traveled an astonishing distance of 111 meters, making it one of the longest sixes in IPL history. The sheer power behind the shot left spectators in awe and showcased Dhoni’s immense hitting ability.

This particular six highlighted Dhoni’s incredible strength and timing as a batsman. It also demonstrated his capability to clear the boundary with remarkable ease. The shot remains etched in the memories of cricket fans as one of Dhoni’s most impressive sixes in the IPL.

4. 110m off Irfan Pathan

In this match, Dhoni displayed his power-hitting prowess by smashing a massive six off the bowling of Irfan Pathan. The ball was struck with immense power and sailed over the boundary ropes, clearing a distance of approximately 110 meters.

5. 108m off Amit Mishra

One of the most iconic sixes hit by MS Dhoni in the IPL. During a match between the Chennai Super Kings (CSK) and the Delhi Daredevils (now Delhi Capitals) in the 2013 season, Dhoni unleashed a powerful six off Amit Mishra that traveled a massive distance of 108 meters.

In that particular match, Dhoni, known for his exceptional power-hitting, sent the ball soaring into the stands with a massive strike off Mishra’s bowling. The ball cleared the boundary by a considerable margin, leaving the fielders and spectators in awe of the sheer power and timing of the shot.

Other longest sixes in IPL are:

  • 108m off Dale Steyn, Sunrisers Hyderabad, 2013
  • 107m off Zaheer Khan, Mumbai Indians, 2012
  • 106m off Piyush Chawla, Kolkata Knight Riders, 2010
  • 106m off Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Sunrisers Hyderabad, 2013
  • 105m off Trent Boult, Mumbai Indians, 2019

While the exact distances of these sixes may vary, they are widely regarded as some of the longest and most powerful sixes hit by MS Dhoni in the IPL. Each of these shots exemplified his ability to clear the boundaries with ease and showcased his exceptional power-hitting skills.

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