Top 5 countries with highest elderly population

Here are the 5 countries with the highest percentage of elderly population (65 years and older):

  1. Japan 28.2%
  2. Italy 23.0%
  3. Greece 22.3%
  4. Portugal 21.5%
  5. Finland 21.3%

Other countries with highest elderly population are Germany, Bulgaria, Sweden, Croatia, Latvia. There are several reasons why above countries have high percentages of elderly populations:

  1. Low birth rates: they have have very low birth rates, which means that there are fewer young people to balance out the number of older people.
  2. Increased life expectancy: they have some of the highest life expectancies in the world, which means that people are living longer and contributing to the aging population.
  3. Improved healthcare: Advances in healthcare have led to longer lifespans, but also means that the elderly population is growing at a faster rate than the younger population.
  4. Cultural values: In there countries, there is a tradition of respect for the elderly, which means that people are living longer and aging in place, rather than moving to retirement communities or nursing homes.

It’s important to note that having an aging population can have significant social and economic implications, such as increased demand for healthcare and social services, changes in workforce dynamics, and shifts in government policies and priorities.

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